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The Year team is the first point of contact for parents and students, and they are responsible for the pastoral care of all students in the Year Group.

If you are concerned about any aspect of your child’s School life, you should always address your concern to the member of staff who has direct responsibility for your child’s welfare. At Harper Green School, this is your child’s Year Team, consisting of a Head of Year, an Assistant Head of Year and a non-teaching Pastoral Coordinator.

To arrange an appointment to discuss your concern, please contact the school on 01204 572941, 01204 573540 or 01204 574991. Alternatively, you can email at office@harpergreen.net email or send a note via your child’s planner.

Please note that if you turn up at the school without an appointment, you will not be able to see someone to discuss any concerns. To avoid disappointment, please always contact the school in the first instance to arrange a mutually convenient time to attend a meeting with the appropriate person.

The key personnel in each year team are:

 Year 7

Contact Role
Mrs K Taylor Head of Year
Miss C Marsden

Assistant Head of Year

Mrs K Gaskell

Pastoral Coordinator 

Year 8

Contact Role
Mrs J Houston Head of Year
Mr P Lewis Assistant Head of Year
Mrs H Burt
Pastoral Coordinator

Year 9

Contact Role
Miss C Bleakley Head of Year
Mr J Eaton Assistant Head of Year
Ms S Rhodes Pastoral Coordinator

Year 10

Contact Role
Mr T King Head of Year
Ms A Homer Assistant Head of Year
Miss N Santacreu-Perez Pastoral Coordinator

Year 11

Contact Role
Miss K Daniels Head of Year
Miss F McDonald Assistant Head of Year
Miss S Leader Pastoral Coordinator

Head of KS3 and KS4

Contact Role
Mr D Burke Head of KS3
Mr D Mayor Head of KS4
Mr M Thomson Assistant Head of KS3
Ms J Unsworth Assistant Head of KS4 
Mrs R O'Donnell Associate Deputy Headteacher
Mr S Walsh Deputy Headteacher