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Medical Conditions

Please make sure that you keep us informed of any medical conditions or medication your child takes. This includes any changes to any diagnosed conditions or prescribed medication. We will need this information to help us determine if your child needs an individual Health Care Plan or Emergency Medical Protocol Plan.

Complete a Child Medical Condition Form and return it to Harper Green School. If you would prefer to meet someone from the school to discuss your child’s medical condition further, please contact the relevant year team on 01204 572941.

If your child’s medical condition means that they may need an emergency medical plan, we will need to contact the relevant healthcare professionals for guidance on this. Once we have received a completed medical form, your child’s plan will be updated and contain helpful details about the medical condition, current medication, triggers and individual symptoms. It will help school staff to understand your child’s condition better.

Please make sure that the school is kept informed about changes to your child’s medical condition or medication. If your child no longer suffers from a medical condition, please notify the relevant year team. It is your responsibility to keep the school up to date regarding any changes to your child’s medical needs.

Download a Child Medical Condition Form