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Current Tariff 2023/24

At Harper Green School, we aim to provide our students with tasty, nutritious food and drinks throughout the day. The menu varies from day to day, and vegetarians are catered for. Students can also buy fresh salads, pasta, jacket potatoes, sandwiches, fruit, cakes and much more. It is not surprising that most of our students choose to have a school meal, which is the option we favour.

There are four main dining facilities, including:

  • Red Café 1
  • Red Café 2
  • Healthy Eater
  • Snack Attack

Some students bring packed lunches, which are eaten in a café-style restaurant, and students may bring their own drinks in non-breakable containers. All students electing to eat in school must remain on the school premises during the lunch period.

The school restaurants are also very popular at morning break where snacks such as; toast, tea, bacon and buns are provided. They also open in the morning to provide breakfast before school.

During the morning break, Red Café 2 provides stationery to students such as; pens, pencils, rubbers and rulers. Students can purchase these when required.

To view a sample menu and price, click the following links:

Themed menu examples:

We have come a long way from the 'school dinners' experienced by the student's parents, and our cafeteria-style restaurants provide carefully balanced three-course meals at very reasonable prices.