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Since September 2003, Harper Green School has been an Arts College. This means that it has been successful in bidding to the Department of Education and Skill for funding to join the programme the Specialist Schools Initiative. This is a government scheme to enable schools to concentrate on specific areas of the curriculum. It is possible to specialise in Humanities, Science, Languages, Engineering, Maths, Computing, Business, Enterprise, Technology, Sport and the Arts. Our specialism is the Performing and Visual Arts.

This means that in addition to providing the full range of National Curriculum subjects the school will be aiming to develop to a very high level of attainment in Art and Design, Drama, Dance and Music. New links have been developed with our feeder primary schools, our neighbouring secondary school – St James Church of England, Post 16 providers and community groups.

Becoming a specialist Arts College does not mean that other subjects become in some way second class subjects. Indeed there are other initiatives aimed specifically at improving aspects of other curriculum areas in the school, however, the most noticeable difference will be increased opportunities to participate in art events, increased opportunities to learn musical instruments, the opportunity to work with professional practitioners of the Arts – sculptors, artists, musicians, dance professional and theatre companies – and a wide range of improved facilities both for the delivery of lessons by teachers and the participation in lesson of pupils

Four R’s

  • Raising Standards
  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Reward

Raising Standards

Our expectations of our young people are high. We drive them hard to achieve maximum success. Tough targets, strong support and quality teaching are what you can expect for our pupils of all ages and abilities. Our excellent Key Stage 3 test and GCSE results are the reward. It’s a philosophy that works for all our young people. We want our pupils to enjoy school – for all the right reasons.



Respect is our core value at Harper Green. Hard work and achievement are rooted in respect – respect for others, respect for oneself, and respect for our environment. Respect is a concept that runs through everything we do. It is why we teach – and the reason we do so well. Respect is something to be earned. We believe our young people are more capable of earning it from anyone they go on to meet in any walk of life.



With respect goes responsibility. We want our young people to become the independent, caring citizens of the future; people who take pride in themselves and their community. Our pupils are handed responsibility from the very start, whether it’s personal or communal responsibility. Caring for the school environment, helping others, taking part in decision-making through the school council and training for prefect duties are just some of the ways our pupils are encouraged to handle responsibility.



Young people need to know they are doing well. Consequently our community places great emphasis on recognising and rewarding positive achievements. Our merit system rewards attainment, special effort, good citizenship and attendance. Pupils work toward Records of Achievements and each half term compete for prizes and certificates. A special Prize and Presentation Evening is usually held in November at Bolton Town Hall. It provides a wonderful setting in which to celebrate publicly the outstanding achievements of our pupils.


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